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Feeding Families outdoor Free Food pantries is the corporate charity of TalentLogistiX, Tech Trades and PinPoint Resources (www.tlxcorp.com). As we entered the eleventh year of our food charity program the team saw the needs first hand of our neighbors in Hamilton County, Indiana. Business owners Mark & Lisa Hall, lived with food insecurity as a young married couple with kids. “We ate many dinners that consisted of one baked potato and a can of Dinty Moore beef stew” says Hall. As average Hoosiers we know that other families face the same challenge, too much month left with not enough money. With over 44,000 food insecure neighbors in our county, the need is big and the solution is simple. Neighbors helping Neighbors through free 24×7 confidential outdoor food pantries. The pantries operate on the honor system “Take What You Need, Give What You Can” and rely on the community and companies to keep non-perishable food in each of the pantries around Central Indiana. Together; individuals, businesses and volunteers deliver, stock and sort over one thousand non-perishable meals monthly.

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